Our Mission

At Pogo, our goal is to make you more money 💰 by unlocking the power of your data.

In a world where corporations are benefiting from your data without your knowledge, we believe that you deserve the tools to seamlessly put your own data to work for your own benefit.

Pogo is your agent in today’s digital world. Link your data with our app and we’ll work tirelessly to find you the best ways to earn and save. Whether it’s on bills, fees or everyday shopping, Pogo’s always got your back.

We’re also building the infrastructure for you to monetize your data directly with companies (if you choose). With the disappearance of 3rd party data sources like online cookies, companies are scrambling for your permission.

Our data economy is broken today and it’s time for a reset. For the first time, Pogo puts you in the driver’s seat of your data to get you the value you deserve.

Our Backers

We're lucky to be supported by founders, investors and creators we admire and learn from everyday.

Alex Pall & Drew Taggart

The Chainsmokers

Amit Vasudev & Alex MacCaw

Founders of Clearbit

Ashley Mayer

VP Comms at Glossier

Baron Davis

NBA All-Star

Claire Hughes Johnson

COO of Stripe

Eric Kirby

Former CPO of Oracle Data Cloud

Erik Torenberg

Founder of On Deck, Village Global

Gabe Leydon

Founder of Machine Zone

Harry Stebbings

Founder of 20VC

Henry Ward

Founder of Carta

Jeffrey Katzenberg

Former Chairman of Disney

Jenny Fleiss

Founder of Rent The Runway

Jon Oringer

Founder of Shutterstock

Josh Buckley

Former CEO of Product Hunt

Julian Shapiro

Founder of Demand Curve

Lenny Rachitsky

Lenny's Newsletter

Louis Beryl

Founder of Earnest

Manik Gupta

Former CPO of Uber

Mathilde Colin

Founder of Front

Melissa Tan

Head of Growth at Webflow

Ryan Delk

Founder of Primer

Ryan Hudson & George Ruan

Founders of Honey

Ryan Tedder


Sam Lessin

Former VP Product at Facebook

Scott Belsky

CPO of Adobe

Siqi Chen

Founder of Runway


Former Head of Design at Dropbox

Sophia Amoruso

Founder of Nasty Gal

Tyler Willis

Founder of Unsupervised

Vindi Banga

Former President of Unilever

...and many more

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